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How important is a top-flight valet service to your business? Maybe indispensable

Think about it. A valet service is your customers’ first and last experience of your business. Which is why at Piccadilly Valet, we think of ourselves as an extension of your brand. And we take that mission very seriously.

Piccadilly Valet has been taking care of guests in the Minneapolis and St. Paul market since 1990.  Piccadilly Valet services a broad range of venues.  Everything from restaurants and hotels to hospitals and corporate offices.  Piccadilly Valet has the experience, knowledge and reliability that you can expect from a valet service.

Piccadilly Valet defines great local valet service

When you choose locally-owned and managed Piccadilly Valet as your valet service, you can expect:

~ Polite, well-trained attendants
~ Service customized to your event or location
~ Manager on duty 24/7
~ App-based Automated Valet
~ Extraordinary attention to detail
Another benefit of a Twin Cities-based valet partner? We know the town from east to west—the ramps, the available parking places, the overflow parking options—and how to deliver the best experience for your customers in any venue.

Exceptional valet parking builds your business

Any business at any time might need first-class valet service. Not because your customers want it, but because it shows you put them first. And it reinforces your brand. Piccadilly Valet can help you strengthen your customer connections at:
~ Hotels
~ Hospitals and medical centers
~ Restaurants and retail
~ Single or multiple business locations
~ Private functions: weddings, parties, charity events
Also, if there’s construction going on in or around your business or the immediate neighborhood, Piccadilly Valet can help you maintain a high level of customer service before, during and after the disruption.

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Piccadilly Valet will satisfy all your parking requirements. 
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