Piccadilly Valet


Restaurants demand the very best when it comes to customer service.  Piccadilly Valet Inc. prides itself on being able to take care of both the restaurant and customer in a timely and professional manner.  Valet service sometimes becomes a requirement at establishments with parking restrictions, lack of parking, and security issues.  Let Piccadilly Valet handle these issues for your and your customers.  We'll make the customer the most important person in the world.  They definitely are in our world.  

By adding valet service you are letting your customers know you value their business.  Pleasant greetings upon arrival and departure from your restaurant can have a far reaching impact.  With our bright red jackets embroidered with each valets personal name on them, and red carpet service, your customers will know that they are at a restaurant who truly cares about them.

Special Events:
Piccadilly has understood the importance of first impressions from the day they opened their doors.  You may be planning an event at a hotel, convention center, or restaurant.  Piccadilly specializes in events at any of these places, and even more at our customers where the parking and security of 50 to 125 cars becomes a major issue.  Piccadilly’s special events coordinator will come out and discuss the issues of parking in your neighborhood, number of expected guests, and even traffic flow.  

Our past experience with special events in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area is unparalleled in the valet industry.  We have experience with all of the various seasons and know how to make your function a success.  Let Piccadilly make your special event a night to remember for every one involved.   

Hotels and Commercial Accounts:
With the increased demand on parking space, customers at your Hotel, mall, or corporation, parking may be limited.  Piccadilly is able to increase parking space by 25%. 

Your customers and employees can leave their car with the valets and go about their day knowing that their car is safe and secure.  Piccadilly will create a special program for your building or hotel where valet parking will increase your business and make the customers stay more enjoyable.