Piccadilly Valet


“The three young men attendants you furnished were most polite, efficient and neat appearing, the best I have ever encountered. They are to be commended for their service and appearance; and, if the service rendered is typical, I’d recommend it without reservation.”          

Jim Wyer

“The service your people offered was a class act and certainly the icing on the cake for this particular event.”
 Koll Corporate Event Planner

“Thank you for all of your hard work and help during this year’s Dayton’s Challenge. It is because of people like you that helped make this year so enjoyable and rewarding.”
Gordy Hanson, Tournament Director

“Piccadilly Valet’s employees are always timely, neat and courteous...we are very pleased.”
Judy Holscher of Town and Country Caterers



    “Thank you for all of your hard work”  Tom Lehman



“Our company was fortunate to work with Andrew Holb and his staff at Piccadilly Valet in the fall of 2002 while our property was undergoing a large construction project… We would highly recommend Piccadilly Valet and would use them again for any parking needs” 

Gayle Dreon, Property Manager Southdale Medical Center